AUDIOTREE SESSION: "Matthew Fowler is a young singer songwriter who prefers slow food and coffee to go with his laid-back, intimate tunes. He has proven that a strong command of language breaks through the barrier of age."

MTV: Song Placement on "Catfish: The TV Show"

MUSIC CITY ROOTS: "He showed poise and command way beyond his years. He delivered his lines over muted, minimal acoustic guitar and then answer those words with explosive chordal bursts, like punctuation."

ACOUSTIC GUITAR MAGAZINE: Premier of video for "Blankets"

SEAN ROWE (ANTI): "really good, a lot of talent. He’s a young kid but he’s got a super amount of talent. Just a solo guy and he’s got some skills. Great guitar, great voice and really good songs."

WHYY-TV: Television segment for "Articulate with Jim Cotter"

RELIX MAGAZINE: Live "In-Office" Session.

MIDWEST ACTION: “When he stomped to bring emphasis to his music, it felt more like an emotional imperative rather than a percussive decision–such was Fowler’s performance in summary. It was a beautifully expressive emotional imperative”

BLUEGRASS SITUATION: "His assured, velvety vocals are rivaled only by the intimacy of his lyrics, all backed by his deft, understated guitar playing."

DAYTROTTER: "Blankets" Selected as one of the top 250 songs of 2014

DIFFUSER: Voted as one of the 5 "Must See Acts" for CMJ Music Marathon in New York City

LVL TO THE ROOM: Live video premiere of "Everything That I Could"

WBEZ CHICAGO PUBLIC RADIO:  "Matthew Fowler is making quite a name for himself as he crisscrosses the country in support of his homemade album Beginning. Armed with only his voice and an acoustic guitar, Fowler is winning over audiences and critics with his singing and his songwriting."

BLUEGRASS SITUATION: Live Video Premiere of "Leaving Home/Open road" - recorded in the green room of the Mercury Lounge in New York City

AMERICAN SONGWRITER: “Matthew Fowler still plays the same Yamaha FX-335 acoustic guitar his parents gave him at the age of 14. Which is not so remarkable, when you take into account that that was only five years ago. At 19 years old, Fowler shows the same mastery of earnest, strummy songcraft as established artists like Damien Rice and Ben Howard.” 

WAMC NORTHEAST PUBLIC RADIO: "Fowler recorded the album over a period of years in his family’s Orlando kitchen, capturing his striking voice and cozy songwriting that to my ears recalls everyone from Dylan and Paul Simon to Glen Hansard."

CMT EDGE: Song Premiere of "Everything That I Could" and Interview

POP MATTERS: "Cut from the same cloth as songwriters like Ben Howard, the Florida singer/songwriter Matthew Fowler is a talent that has been a long time coming"

HUFFINGTON POST: Song premiere of "Beginners"

STEP INSIDE THIS HOUSE: “Possessing a sound that feels most akin to Damien Rice, Ray LaMontagne and David Ramirez, Fowler has an innate ability to draw the listener in regardless of the song.”

ORLANDO MAGAZINE: Included in the list of Orlando's twenty best musical acts.

ORLANDO WEEKLY: “The big feature inside were Matthew Fowler & the Prado Sisters, who suddenly filled the house. More than just a pleasant background vocal foil to Fowler, the sisters – Tana and Adeline – provide him with added instrumentation and presence.”

THE CELLARY: "Fowler’s beautiful stories of love, tragedy, and an ache for home will reward a careful listen"

SLOWCOUSTIC: "Despite only indicating this as a ‘song’ of the day – spend time with the entire album because I feel like I could have picked almost any one of these songs to feature!"

ORLANDO WEEKLY: Picked as the magazine’s “Band Of The Week”.